ElectrifAi’s SupplyChainNetworkAi harnesses the power of AI and ML to enhance forecasting capabilities, manage demand and supply unpredictability better, and drive better efficiencies into supply chain operations of global enterprises. With SupplyChainNetworkAi, companies can now leverage the optimization algorithm to get recommendations for best routes with the right SKUs for the assigned shipment destinations

Route Optimization

Analyze wide range of factors such as traffic patterns, weather conditions, delivery times, and more using AI and ML algorithms to create optimal delivery routes, reduce transit times, and minimize delivery costs, leading to greater customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Person with i pad mapping warehouse data
Person with i pad

SKU Configuration and Warehouse Mapping

Analyze past order data, customer demand, warehouse traffic patterns, inventory levels and other relevant data points to identify the most popular SKUs and optimize storage locations, leading to improved supply chain visibility, and reduce warehouse costs, and an efficient and profitable business operation.

Demand and Supply Forecasting

Factor in external factors such as weather, economic conditions, and market trends along with identifying historical sales patterns and trends to predict future demand and supply with greater accuracy. With such insights, companies can now proactively address potential supply chain disruptions and prevent or reduce unprecedented risks.

Man creating demand and supply forecasting